Simultaneous interpretation

Real-time interpretation with the support of booths and sound systems. Dynamic technique normally used for conferences, presentations, courses, seminars, workshops, and trainings of all kinds.

Online interpretation

The interpreter and the participants join an online session on a platform like Zoom and the interpretation can be simultaneous (real-time) or consecutive (the speaker intervenes and then, the interpreter reexpresses the information). Online interpretations are ideal for meetings of any size and can include participants from all over the world.

Consecutive interpretation

The interpreter takes notes of what the speaker says and reexpresses the information. The speaker and the interpreter take short turns, no booths or technological devices are used. Ideal for small meetings with less time constraints.

Bilateral interpretation or liaison

The interpreter acts as a mediator between two speakers (or a reduced group) and facilitates the communication. It might also include whispered interpretation. Normally used to accompany small delegations or international representatives.

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“Currently, the fate of the world depends, in the first place on statesmen, and secondly, on interpreters.”
Trygve Halvdan
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Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters APTRAD (Portugal) 

Associação de Profissionais de Tradução e de Interpretação APTRAD (Portugal)

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